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Camper Type Tool

Use Tool, Earn Points

While many think they know their type, you’d be surprised by what your real type may be.

Using our proprietary tool and algorithm, this short-form survey allows members to see what type of camper they are in just 15 questions or less. This is not the quick and camper quizzes you may have seen. This tool combines personality typing with a six-point scale to let users truly understand what kind of camper they are without having to spend an hour taking a traditional test.

Use the tool, add type to your profile, and earn 50 points. That’s it!


How To Update Profile

Now that you have taken the survey and know what Camper Type you are, it’s time to add it to your profile.

  1. Go to My Profile
  2. Under the About section, click Edit Profile
  3. Click to open “Personal Details (Main)”
  4. Update the Camper Type field
  5. Click Save
  6. Check that 50 points were added to My Points
Screenshot: My Profile > About > Edit Profile > Camper Type Field