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      With regards to recent events and as fellow campers, we are all highly invested in the safety and security of the outdoors in both our national investment into the longevity of green spaces and also the safety and security of campers while using these public spaces.

      1. Can you describe what safety and security means to you as a camper?
      2. Do you feel safe in the outdoors?
      3. Can you also describe what you would like the outdoor industry to do about it safety regulations and concerns with regard to campers?
      4. Has safety and security impacted your outdoor activities this year?
      5. Has the weather impacted your participation in the outdoors?
        • Whether that be record heat waves in some areas, record rain, wildfires, air quality, etc., which impacted you the most?
      6. Finally, how have the newer weather conditions impacted how you camp?
        • Are you more likely to RV, glamp, or overland?
        • Were you more likely to go backcountry camping and avoid crowds, or were you more likely to stay around more people for security concerns?
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      Have concerns about safety pushed you to stay at different locations? Or avoid others?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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